Our Rescue Partner

Our Rescue Partner

Entangled Cat Cafe is thrilled to partner with the Georgia based animal rescue organization Circle of Friends Animal Society (COFAS). COFAS was founded in 2007 and can now be found in several cities across Georgia. The Athens branch of COFAS has a thriving cat foster and adoption program. COFAS is run solely by volunteers with no paid staff. All of their animals are housed in foster homes where they receive lots of individual love, attention, and socialization.


At Entangled Cat Cafe, we are tremendously impressed with the commitment of COFAS to save every cat (and animal) life possible, including ones that are the most fragile, emotionally and financially costly, and difficult to manage. We admire the incredible dedication of COFAS volunteers and foster parents in giving every cat the opportunity to find a loving home. We’re honored to support their mission and work together with COFAS to save lives and match kitties to their purrfect families.

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