Meet Korpiklaani!

Entangled first introduced Korpiklaani (known as Klaani) in April 2023 at the beginning of kitten season. Circle of Friends Animal Society rescued her from animal control, and she gave birth to three baby boys shortly after being rescued. She was a nurturing and protective mother, taking care of her babies until they were all able to eventually be adopted. Then it was Klaani's turn to find her furever family, but after more than a year, Klaani is still waiting for her very own happily ever after.

Klaani is an incredibly agreeable cat. She gets along easily with other cats and dogs and simply ignores any animals who show signs of not wanting to be friends. She loves cuddles and pets, though she prefers to initiate interactions. If you happen to be busy when she wants attention, she’ll give you a second nudge and then will go find a comfy (preferably sunny) spot to lounge until you are ready. She would absolutely LOVE a screened porch or catio space to keep up with her bird watching and lizard tracking hobbies! 

Klaani has a bit of an older lady energy, but don’t be fooled! If you get out a wand toy she will leap at the chance to pounce - she has serious “prey” catching skills! She's also quite athletic in other ways, which you might not expect given her slightly portly stature.

Entangled would love to help Klaani find her own purrfect family after all this time in foster care. If you're interested in an all around easy-going, well behaved, funny new friend, Klaani is the girl for you! You can learn more about Klaani and all the other adoptable pets COFAS currently has available on their website. You can also purchase one of our Feline Frenzy Color Wand Catnip Toys, and half the proceeds for every wand sold during the month of June will help support Klaani. As always, Entangled Cat Cafe and Circle of Friends Animal Society are grateful for your support.
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