Addison Rae - A Big Sweetheart Looking For Her Forever Home

Addison Rae - A Big Sweetheart Looking For Her Forever Home

A Message From Addison Rae's Foster Mom

I found out about Circle of Friends through my job working as a veterinary assistant in Athens. I also adopted one of my own kitties, Duckie, from COFAS. In October, I got my first foster cats.

Addison Rae and her siblings were rescued in April 2021 from a local animal control. They were only two weeks old when COFAS took them and their mom into rescue. Fast forward 10 months and Addison is the last of the group still looking for a forever home.

Fostering Addison has been extremely fun and rewarding! I have three cats at home, and Addison fits right in. She is the biggest sweetheart! She makes the cutest facial expressions and loves to chirp like a bird. She especially loves head rubs and playing with her foster siblings. She has a sweet and curious personality and loves to be around people.

Addison gets along great with other cats and small dogs. She plays gently and never uses her teeth or claws. As much as I love caring for Addison, she has gone through a lot of change in her first year of life, and she is very, very deserving of a forever home.

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