Eclipse, Entangled Cat Cafe's September Sponsor Kitty

Introducing Eclipse!

Entangled Cat Cafe is excited to launch our Cat of the Month sponsorship beginning with Circle of Friends foster kitty, Eclipse. Each month we'll be featuring one special cat available for adoption through COFAS, and half the profits from an item we choose that month will go toward sponsoring the adoption fees for our cat of the month. Eclipse is our featured cat this month, and our fabulous Clothes Pin candles handmade by Little Light Co in Athens, GA is our monthly product.
Eclipse is a 1 year old lovable and precious boy looking for his furever family. Sweet little Eclipse has been in foster care for a long time, more than a year, and we are hoping to help find the purrfect home for this purrfect boy! Eclipse was born in the shelter with his four brothers and has been in foster care since he was just two days old. He is mischievous, curious, and always entertaining to his foster family. This playful little guy keeps everyone laughing with his antics.

Eclipse has always had a big and fun-loving presence since he was very young. He loves people so much and loves to snuggle and cuddle all the time. He gets very excited to see his foster family when they come home from work and will greet them at the door. He loves to be picked up and gives headbutts to show his love and appreciation. He's also super inquisitive and tends to be adventurous.
Eclipse is all personality, goofy, and he often 'sploots' on the floor. Playing is his favorite activity, and he absolutely adores chasing toy mice and crinkle toys or darting after a laser. He can be a bit clumsy, and you can’t help laughing when he tries to jump on the couch and misses. He has high energy and has never met a toy or a cat tree he does not love! Eclipse is also very smart and has learned how to walk using a leash. He loves to explore his foster family's backyard in his harness and take in all the new sights and smells!
Eclipse would do best in a high energy environment with a friend he can play with. While Eclipse loves other animals, he likes to play rough and can sometimes be a bit too much for some introverted cats. He would do best with another young high energy cat or even a cat friendly and patient dog. If you are looking for a loving and silly cat, Eclipse could be your guy! Who could resist such a purrfect combination of loving and playful?
If you are not looking to adopt right now, please consider purchasing one of our Clothes Pin candles!
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