Clam is coming out of her shell! Entangled Cat Cafe is pleased to introduce Clam, our featured cat of the month for February. Clam has been in foster care since August 2021 - more than 500 days! She was originally rescued by her current foster parent using treats, and this has been an ongoing theme in her life. She tends to be suspicious of people but loves snacks and treats of all kinds. Let's show this sweet girl some love and help her find a furevrer home this month. Half the profits from each purrchase of our Feline Frenzy Cat Kickers during the month February will be donated to Circle of Friends Animal Society in honor of Clam.

Clam is a scaredy cat who enjoys playing and loafing around the house. She takes a while to open up and become comfortable with someone new, but once she decides you’re okay, she'll definitely ask for head scratches. She'll purr the house down when you walk in the room and give her scritches. She loves chomping down on her food and will occasionally meow to remind you she’s there. She's an affectionate little kitty that gets very attached to her owner, and being petted while eating is her favorite!  She's partial to playing with her toy mouse or owl and is obsessed with finding the coziest surface to take naps on. Currently, her favorite spot is between the couch cushions or on a pile of warm, clean laundry.

After all this time, Clam is still very unsure of new people and environments and needs an experienced owner that can help her continue to grow. She would do best in a quiet home, either alone or potentially with another friendly adult cat she can play with periodically during the day and bird watch with.

The Entangled Cat Cafe Team is slightly partial to black kitties (see the story of our mascot Toothless here), and we would be thrilled to help Clam find a loving family. Please contact Circle of Friends if you're interested in adopting Clam, and share her story with anyone who might be looking for a new friend to love. Don't forget that you can also help Clam by purrchasing a Feline Frenzy Cat Kicker. Your favorite feline will love you eternally for such a fantastic gift!
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