Entangled Cat Cafe's Mascot, Toothless.

Meet Toothless, The Entangled Cat Cafe's Fearless Mascot

We are excited to introduce you to Toothless, the Entangled Cat Cafe's new mascot.  Toothless (aka Sweet T, Mr. T, and T-Wrecks on his wilder days) is our first official rescue. He's a sweet little guy who got his name from the character in the movie How To Train Your Dragon. Toothless was a four-week-old feral kitten when he came to our cafe family. He wasn't feeling well due to a nasty botfly infection and needed to be bottle-fed to get back on his cute, little feet.

Botfly infections in cats are common in the United States.  Cuterebra, commonly known as botfly and warbles, infect cats who go outdoors and explore wooded and grassy areas when the insects are active in the warmer months.  Infestations in cats occur when an adult botfly lays eggs on the cat's fur.  As the eggs hatch, the larvae burrow into the skin leaving what appears at first glance to be a puncture wound. While these open wounds are often found around the cat's head and neck, botfly infections can occur anywhere on the cat's body. If not detected, the larvae migrate to the cat's lungs, where they mature and eventually fly away. The larvae can cause serious health problems, including respiratory infection, blood poisoning, and even death. Fortunately, botfly infections can be treated with antibiotics if caught early and the cat receives proper veterinary care to treat the open wound.  Brushing your cat thoroughly after they have been on an outdoor adventure and frequently checking for any 'passengers' they bring home in the warmer months will help prevent a botfly infection in your sweet kitty.

When Toothless was found, he was impossibly tiny and vulnerable. To make him feel safe and secure, we wrapped him in a tea towel and called it his "burrito." We were amused to find that he warmed up very quickly to us and his "burrito".  He was soon demanding to be carried everywhere and snuggled in his burrito all day. At times, we wondered if he could walk! But Little Toothless was a great patient, taking his bottle and medicine with gusto and quickly made a full recovery.  

Toothless fits right in with the Entangled Cat Cafe family and keeps us highly entertained with his shenanigans. He's always up for playing, followed by a good snuggle. He's also a bit of a troublemaker, always getting into things he shouldn't. But we love him anyway, and he brings great joy to the cafe fam. Thanks, Toothless for being such a fun and fearless mascot!

We're excited to announce that we'll release a new product inspired by Sweet T's rescue this Fall. This new product is sure to delight all of Toothless's fans, so stay tuned for more information.  In the meantime, follow us on social media or subscribe to our weekly 1000 Faces of T blog for updates on Toothless's antics. Thanks for following along with us on this cat-crazy journey!

Meow and Forever, 
"Sweet T" and His Entangled Cat Cafe Staff

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