PURRsian Hot Chocolate Recipe

PURRsian White Hot Chocolate Recipe

Craving something sweet and warm to drink this winter? Look no further than our PURRsian White Hot Chocolate: a deliciously creamy, cat-approved beverage your taste buds will love! Our mouthwatering recipe also comes with an extra scoop of fluff - none other than our favorite duet of cuddles and "purrs"! Whether you're relaxing in front of the fire or just starting a chilly day off on the right paw, this hot chocolate is sure to fulfill your feline fantasies. So go ahead, grab yourself some cozy socks and curl up with that special someone for a purrtastic mug (or two!) Purrrfectly brewed from scratch by cats everywhere.


2 Cups Whole Milk
1 Cup Heavy Cream
Heat gently on stovetop

Then Add:
1/3 Cup white chocolate chips
Splash of Vanilla (or shot of Dark Vanilla Rum
Whisk together.

Pour into your favorite Entangled Cat Cafe mug

Curl up with your favorite feline and ENJOY!

Serves 3


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