Purrfect Painters! Artist Spotlight:

Purrfect Painters! Artist Spotlight:

Thank you!

Entangled Cat Cafe is honored to have North Oconee High School Art teacher Cathi Warren create a special project for our cafe, with the help of her mother, Durena McCormack, and NOHS student Saturn Sims. You can read their stories below. We hope you'll visit the cafe to see this unique design!

From Cathi:

"I am a practicing artist, art educator, and loving parent and wife. I absolutely love to share all I know with other eager minds. I am “old school” and believe a teacher affects eternity and you can never tell where their influence stops. I know that I leave an indelible mark on my student’s experience in class and I show folks an alternate way to communicate their thoughts, ideas, and dreams to anyone who is willing to listen. In my art, I am never stuck on one medium. I absolutely love to see how new media will play together in my creations. I am always reaching out to the community to see how I can help spread my art in new and innovative directions.

The Cafe was a project of love and learning and I am proud to say that my mother Durena McCormack was a tremendous help in the creation of our cat tree. I tend to see the world through a flat and two-dimensional lens, and she brought life to this piece when I was feeling helpless. Thank you so very much your wonderful guidance and perseverance in getting the focal piece done.

The work couldn't  have been completed without the help from my very talented  Advanced Placement student, Saturn. They have spent dozens of hours with me donating their time to this project."

Saturn Sims has this to say about their art style:

"I believe it is mostly music and nature that inspires me to create. The environment around me always manages to paint such interesting pictures in my mind, as well as telling their own stories. I like to try and harness that- both the visuals of nature and the power of music. For music specifically, I strongly believe experiencing one art form can lead to the creation of another, either through harnessed feeling or direct inspiration."

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