The 1000 Faces of Toothless

The 1000 Faces of Toothless

This month, Entangled Cat Cafe is celebrating the one year anniversary of Toothless, our beloved company mascot. Toothless, who mostly answers to T these days, was found last year with a botfly larvae embedded in his neck that turned into a nasty infection. We nursed him back to health and pretty quickly realized he would make the purrfect company mascot. You can read our original Toothless post here.

Toothless was in rough shape when one of our partners discovered him, but he made a full recovery within a few weeks, after receiving some much needed medical care. T was full of confidence from day one and took to the pampered, indoor cat lifestyle right away. His personality is exponentially larger than he is! Toothless is smart, mischievous and full of energy, demanding, endlessly entertaining, and the most loving little guy around. The only thing he loves more than playing with cat friends is snuggling with his humans. T is always nearby hoping for attention and affection, and those expressive, bright eyes never miss a thing! T is also quite food motivated.

Sweet T, we love you and are so happy you chose us. You are pure joy and the best little mascot we could have hoped for. We look forward to many years with you as our Entangled Cat Cafe kitty.

The Entangled Team is happy to share a few of the 1000 Faces of Toothless from the past year. We know you'll love him as much as we do. Be sure to follow us on social media as we honor Toothless all month. And don't forget to purrchase a bag of our Three Purrfect Blends Coffee Sampler by 1000 Faces Coffee to help sponsor our cat of the month, Nokia. Enjoy!

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