Fostering Cats - How much does it cost?

How Much Does It Cost To Foster A Cat?

If you're a cat lover, there's a good chance you've thought about fostering a homeless cat from time to time. Fostering is a great way to help a kitty in need and give them much-needed love and attention. But, you've likely wondered how much it will cost to foster a cat for a rescue organization and what are the requirements for being a foster parent.  We have some answers.

Our Rescue Partner, Circle of Friends Animal Society, reports rescuing 130 cats this year! At this time, they have 116 cats in 25 loving foster homes. COFAS works with animal control facilities in some of the most rural counties in Georgia where stray and abandoned cats have a very small chance of being adopted. They don't have a shelter, so COFAS relies on foster homes in order to save as many cats as possible.

COFAS is always looking for people willing to foster a cat. COFAS holds adoption events most weekends at local pet stores where kitties in foster care can find their furever families. Foster parents are required to bring the cats they are fostering to these adoption events. More information on fostering a cat through COFAS is available at 

A typical cat that comes through COFAS receives standard veterinary care including:

  • A microchip ($10)
  • Three FVRCP vaccines ($10 each)
  • Rabies vaccines ($30)
  • Spay ($60) or neuter ($30)
  • Deworming ($10)
  • Monthly flea meds ($15/month)
  • Inevitably some type of URI antibiotic, especially if they were in a shelter for a long time ($15-$20)
  • Food and litter ($15/month, but depends on how well it eats!)

Many cats received advanced care for medical conditions and injuries this year. The increased need for amputations, eye care, treatment for rabies, and various feline diseases has dramatically impacted veterinary costs incurred by COFAS in 2022.

COFAS depends on community donations and adoption fees to help pay the expenses of the cats and dogs being fostered through their program. Supplies such as food, toys, crates and bedding, and all medical expenses are provided by COFAS.  This is typical for many animal rescue agencies. Because they don't have a shelter, COFAS is able to take in many cats with medical needs other rescue agencies might consider too costly.


The financial burden of fostering a cat through COFAS is completely paid by the organization. All they need is loving fosters and volunteers willing to open their homes and commit their time to fostering a cat so they can save as many lives as possible.

Fostering a cat through COFAS helps reduce the amount of time cats spend in a shelter and allows them to be better socialized and prepared for their furever family. The cats learn to how to get along with other animals and adjust to living in a home. The foster parent is able to learn more about the cats personality, which helps place them in homes best suited to their temperament. It's a win for everyone!

COFAS or your local rescue groups for more information about becoming a cat foster parent.

Every kitty deserves to be valued, loved, and treated with kindness. Fostering a cat is a wonderful and rewarding way to get involved and help save lives!


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