Satin & Chardonnay

Entangled Cat Cafe is delighted to feature not one but two young mama kitties looking for their furever homes as our cats of the month for May. Both of these sweet moms as well as their kittens are available for adoption through Circle of Friends Animal Society. A percentage from the sale of each one of our Feline Frenzy Colorful Wand Catnip Toys made by Sew Purrfect in Watkinsville will go to COFAS to help support these two sweet mamas.

Satin is our first featured cat mom. COFAS has only had Satin for a couple of months. She was found in a parking lot with her kittens, and COFAS rescued her from a local shelter. This young mama cat loves being around people. She particularly likes to sit in a chair in the kitchen and watch you cook. When cuddling, she likes to have her paw held in your hand! Satin’s favorite toy is a fishing pole with a feather lure. She tends to chomp down on the lure and growl!

Satin has striking golden eyes and is solid black, save for her white chest patches. Her coat inspired her name - smooth, shiny, and minimally shedding. Although her fur is quite short, she has the cutest ear tufts! She tolerates baths, vacuum cleaners, and claw-clipping well!

Satin’s kittens Corduroy, Gabardine, Lace, Taffeta, and Twill are also available for adoption. She's been a great mom and would be delighted to be adopted with one of her babies for company! Satin is accustomed to living with multiple cats, a large dog, and even a house chicken. However, she may not be a good choice for homes with rodent pets, as she finds them to be a little TOO interesting!

The second of our two featured mama cats is Chardonnay, who has also only been with COFAS for a couple of months. Chardonnay was pregnant when she came to COFAS and gave birth to five precious kittens in one of their foster homes. She is mama to Merlot, Cabernet, Rose, Moscato, and Pinot.

Chardonnay is a teen mom. She's just under a year old and has finished raising her 5 kittens. She's playful, sweet, and cuddly but also independent. She's young enough to have lots of kitten energy but is also content relaxing on a couch and keeping herself company. Chardonnay is super loving and gets along with other cats. She would absolutely love to be adopted with one of her kittens.

If you're interested in meeting Satin or Chardonnay and their kittens, you can contact COFAS through their website. Please also consider purrchasing one of our Feline Frenzy Colorful Wand Catnip Toys to help support Satin and Chardonnay this month.

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