Presenting Naan!

Presenting Naan!


KitKat and Naan are furriends! These two sweet and shy girls have been staying together with the same foster family through the holidays, and they have gotten along very well. There has been some interest but are both currently still available, and they would be a great option for anyone looking to adopt a pair of bonded kitties. It would be ameowzing to see these two precious girls find their furever home together since they get along well, but both seem to adapt well to new situations and could be separated. Don't forget that Entangled Cat Cafe & Market has sponsored the adoption fees for both Kit Kat and Naan, so please go HERE to fill out an application for one or both of them. Let's help find Kit Kat and Naan their purrmanent home to start the new year! Thank you for your support!!


During this month known for sharing a meal together, Entangled Cat Cafe is excited to present Naan as our Sponsor Kitty of the Month. This delightful little dish would be so grateful to find her furever family this month. She has spent over a year in foster care watching her litter mates and foster siblings move on while she continues waiting for a family to call her own. In honor of Naan, we have added a savory gourmet MEOWlive Oil & Vinegar Gift Set at a Special Prrrice from The Olive Basket in Athens. Half the profits from every purrchase of these Gift Sets during the entire month of November will go to sponsor Naan's adoption fees.

Naan is a sweet and beautiful silver gray tabby, approximately a year and a half old, who was born in a Circle of Friends Animal Society foster home. Naan tends to be very shy in new environments and with new people. She needs a compassionate owner that will allow her to trust on her schedule. With time, patience, understanding and encouragement, a wonderfully affectionate, sweet and extremely loyal cat emerges from her cocoon. Naan enjoys toys and treats, but she LOVES rubs, scritches and scratches. Naan is tolerant and good-natured with her younger foster siblings, would do well with a welcoming older feline companion, and does great with mellow dogs.

Naan moved to her current foster home at the end of September. For the first 3 days, she was terrified any time her new foster mother came near her. Her foster family had to move her out of their laundry room because she was so shy that she only wanted to hide behind the washing machine. Her foster mom would sit on the floor in her room softly telling her what a good girl she is, bribing her with high value treats and waiting for Naan to approach her. The first time Naan finally let her foster mom pet her, she just melted – she was clearly longing for physical contact but was not sure if she could trust her foster mom. Naan and her foster mom had the same routine for about two weeks where it would take 30 minutes or more of sweet talk and treats for Naan to approach, and then she wanted ALL the pets. Still, if her foster mom walked out of the room and came back just seconds later, Naan would be scared, and the clock and routine would start all over. Her foster mom says she felt like she was failing sweet little Naan. Then one day she noticed Naan was walking around with her tail straight up in the air. What a breakthrough!

They continue to make steady progress. These days Naan will rush to her foster family for attention, and she likes exploring their whole house, interacting with the other cats, and bopping noses with their dogs. She loves cuddle time on the couch and bed, but is still anxious about being picked up or carried. Naan likes perching at the top of the cat tree and having hide away spots to escape to when she is scared, but thankfully she is spending most of her time these days purring and asking for affection.

Naan would do best in a calm environment. Sudden movements and loud noises still startle her, causing her to dart to one of her safe spaces (cat caves, under the bed, or in the closet on a stack of wool sweaters). But as she gains confidence, she re-joins the family faster each time. Witnessing Naan’s transformation as you earn her trust is a beautiful and rewarding experience that you will both be thankful for.

If you are interested in adopting Naan, please contact Circle of Friends.  Be sure to share their contact information with anyone you know who might be interested in adopting this sweet and precious kitty. If you are unable to adopt but would like to help, please consider purrchasing an MEOWlive Oil & Vinegar Gift Set made by The Olive Basket especially for the Entangled Cat Cafe. These make a wonderful gift for others, but you will want one for yourself as well!

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