CharCATerie Spread For Two - Kitt 'n' Me

CharCATerie Spread For Two - Kitt 'n' Me

Are you ready to get your cat-lover status to the next level? Because we've got an exciting and delicious way for you to upgrade your meow game: CharCATerie board spreads for you and your favorite feline!  With all the creative possibilities that come with this fun activity, everyone in your home will have plenty of fun creating – and noshing on – these unique spreads worthy of any paw-ty!

Toothless eats charcuterie.

For the Kitty Board, you will need:

  • Squeeze Up Cat Treat or canned food to create the fish shape  (We like Hartz Delectables)
  • Catnip and your cat's favorite treats  (for garnish)
Ingredients for charcuterie board for catsToothless Loves CharCATerie Spreads!Toothless loves his charCATerie board
For the People Board, you will need:
  • Cream Cheese (to create the fish shape)
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Bagels (cut into pieces)
  • Capers
  • Everything Bagel Seasoning
Use a cheese spreader or butter knife to create the fish shape and 'scales'.
Creating a fish shape for your charCATerie board.
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