Entangled Cat Cafe CharCATerie

Love Our CharCATerie Boards? Meet The Artist!

Meet the artist!  Brenda 

Hi. I’m Brenda.

 As a child, I often spent summers working side-by-side with my father on construction sites. By the age of 12, under the heat of the Carolina sun, I was building roof A-frames with no oversight. The reward was a tangible product that was built to last. Some of the structures I helped my father hammer out those summers are still standing.  

In January of 2015, with a table saw and a prayer, I opened my cottage-style business. Throughout the years, Looking Up has become diversified in its products. My commissions range from maple and mahogany airplane shaped bookshelves and cedar-lined toy boxes, to monogrammed door hangers and client-designed charcuterie boards. If it is made of wood, I enjoy crafting it.

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