Entangled Cat Cafe Boozy Cream Coffee

Boozy Cream Coffee

Ah, the purrfect beverage to warm you up on a cool Spring morning - an Irish Coffee! Get ready to unleash your inner feline with this whisker-licking good recipe.

1 cup hot coffee (preferably brewed wth our very own AristoCAT Blend coffee beans)
2 oz Irish whiskey (or more if you're feeling adventurous)
1 tbsp brown sugar (or more to taste)
1 oz heavy cream (or "whiskers" as we like to call it)
Entangled BisCATti cookies for garnish (optional)

First things first, find a cozy spot to curl up in with your Boozy Cream Coffee. Preferably a spot with a view of birds outside the window or a comfy lap to rest on.

Brew a strong cup of coffee using freshly ground beans. We recommend using a French press or pour-over method to really bring out the flavor.

Pour the hot coffee into a cat-themed mug and add the brown sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved.

Next, pour in the Irish whiskey and give it a good stir with your tail. If you're feeling extra feisty, you can add a little more whiskey to really get to the top of the morning.

Now it's time for the "whiskers" (heavy cream). Gently pour the cream over the back of a spoon, so it sits on top of the coffee and forms a fluffy layer on top.

If you're feeling particularly fancy, you can garnish your Boozy Cream Coffee with our signature BisCATti cookies.

It's the paw-fect finishing touch. Curl up in your favorite spot with your Boozy Cream Coffee and enjoy the cozy warmth that comes with it. You'll be purring in no time!

And there you have it - a Boozy Cream Coffee that's sure to satisfy your caffeine cravings and your love of all things feline. Whether you're a cat lover or just a lover of puns, this recipe is the cat's meow.

Cheers to whiskers and whiskey!
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