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One Hour Reservation

One Hour Reservation

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We are so excited to see you in our cafe!

Cats are calm but unpredictable creatures. As you are an honored guest here in their home, please courteously observe the following protocol to ensure a fun interactive experience. 

  • Sanitize your hands before entering-Let’s keep it clean, Folks!
  • Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.
  • Please watch out for cats when entering and exiting the Airlock-They are Escape Artists!
  • No flash photography-Cats are highly visual and sensitive to bright light.
  • Please use only your inside voice. No shouting, yelling, screaming, etc.
  • Running, throwing, and any form of horseplay is prohibited-Cats prefer a calm environment.
  • No climbing on furniture or cat enrichment pieces-This is a playground for cats not humans.
  • No matter how much they beg, human food can make cats very sick-Cat treats are available for purchase in the Cafe/Market.
  • Be gentle, kind, and respectful with all cats (and humans).
  • Most cats don’t like being picked up or carried around and we strenuously advise against it.
  • Cats will attack if they feel threatened! If a cat is sleeping or hiding please leave it be.
  • Chasing, restraining, pulling on cat tails or other appendages may result in injury to both cat and human and you will be asked to leave without refund.
  • We have a strict, Zero Tolerance Policy for anyone abusing, harassing or causing distress to our cats. In the occurrence of harassment, mistreatment and/or unnecessary roughness with our cats, not only could you also become injured but you will be asked to leave without refund.
  • Enjoy and Have Fun!

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