Our Corporate Partners


Entangled Cat Cafe would like to introduce our corporate partners, Brad and Jessica Harper, owners of the Swamp Dawg Restaurant Management Group in Ocala, Florida. We're so thankful to you both for your willingness to listen to our dreams and believe in our vision. We're grateful for the support, advice, and encouragement you've provided, and for everything you've contributed toward starting our business. Your generosity has helped make Entangled Cat Cafe a reality. You are truly loved and appreciated!

Swamp Dawg Restaurant Management Group, LLC was once an idea on paper, developed by Brad Harper and his close friend and colleague Allison Hartwig. Brad being a Georgia Bulldog fan, and Allison being a devoted Florida Gator fan, they loved the idea of bringing both passions together to form one incredible brand. After the tragic passing of Allison and her fiancé Jason Cotton in 2015, it was Brad and Jessica Harper's mission to see their dreams through and create a brand so dedicated to its employees and customers, that everyone who visited our restaurants and office would feel like family- just like they always envisioned. Swamp Dawg Restaurant Management Group continues to expand and grow with the help of additional partners through the creation of Harrdy LLC. We are extremely excited about our continuous growth within our community!